"They Served Too"

They are there to greet you hello and goodbye
They work as a crew, soaring up high
Between heaven and earth, somewhere in the sky
For the career they chose, requires them to fly

Their uniform is on, with the wings pinned in place,
And no matter what - there's a smile on their face
Trained in safety, and emergencies, to save a life,
In all situations, from calmness to strife.

But as the sun rose on that clear, fall day,
And they boarded their planes to work to L A
Their smiles would soon fade, and to God they would cry-
As perhaps they were truly the first to die

Desperate to keep passengers safe and sound,
As their workplace hit towers and crashed to the ground
Yes, they served too,on nine - eleven
Those unseen heroes between earth and heaven

Andreah Wellman ©2002
American Airlines Flight Attendant